There are currently no restrictions with regards to visiting and the number of named visitors. Visitors can use any communal or external spaces as well as residents’ bedrooms.

Excursions out of the home are now ok to go ahead, without testing upon return to the home.

Whilst the majority of restrictions have been removed, we ask that visitors still wear a face-covering within communal spaces. We ask all visitors to be respectful of individuals’ personal space. In the event that a specific area is crowded, i.e. the lounges, staff may direct you to another area of the home.

We also ask that, should you display any symptoms or are ill when any other ailment, please postpone your visit.

It is no longer a requirement for visitors to have proof of a negative LFT, however, there may be occasions, should staff have any concerns, you may be asked to complete one.

Thank you for your continued support.